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ORA D’ARIA con canedicoda.

this Sunday’s ORA D’ARIA is by VOLUME’s big friend Gio Canedicoda.
like everything he creates, and not only as a musician (ottaven, primorje, fantamatres, tambour doux ..), this mix is ​​also a clear and crystalline expression of his incredible imagination, creativity and ability to imagine and reflects on the need for slow down and listen, now.
slow down yellow card.


Burundi >> Sanza Ikembe Avec Voix
Norberto Lobo >> Pen ward
Dean Blunt and Inga Copeland >> 8
James Place >> Sense of an ending
Ritual music of the Kayapò-Xikrin >> Morning twilight: forest and village sounds
Tak Shindo >> Cherry Blossoms
Bellows >> Handcut
Ando Umeko >> Futare chuy
ElpH vs Coil >> Decadent & Symmetrical
Glenn Gould >> Bach: Golderg variations, BWV 988 – Variatio 25 A 2 Clav. Adagio
Giuseppe Ielasi >> 2 (5:14 – untitled 2011)
Michael O’Shea >> Seance of a kondalike (backing)
Piotr Kurek >> Missing Paths
Bola Sete >> Morning rises throught the mist
Giuseppe Ielasi >> 15 tapes
Yasuaki Shimizu >> Umi no ue kara
Songs of the Inuit Iglulik >> Vocal and throat-games “Pirkusirartup”: Nirddlirayartak.
Luc Ferrari >> Petite symphonie intuitive pour un paysage de printemps (extr.)
Mbuti Pygmies of the Ituri Rainforest >> Flute duet
Thomas de Hartmann & G. Gurdjieff >> Borkian Dervish
Gianni Giublena Rosacroce >> Il Sole Della Discordia
Alejandro Jodorowsky >> Burn your money
Spike >> Can you see me

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