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ORA D’ARIA con everest magma.

since I know him, rella has changed several times. not out of a spirit of adaptation but, on the contrary, to adapt his surroundings to himself. always in focus, never taken for granted, always with a gaze projected towards a parallel dimension. its latest mutation, which occurred a few years ago (but then there are mutations in mutations which is yet another story), is called Everest Magma. last year he made one of the best records of 2019 entitled Minus Plus Escapism, released for Boring Machines, inspired by the salvia divinorum. this mix opens with a track of Zuvuya feat. Terence McKenna inspired by the DMT. ok, this ORA D’ARIA lasts 40 “real” minutes, but it doesn’t matter. if you close your eyes and let yourself be carried away, time and space will no longer make sense.


Zuvuya feat. Terence Mckenna “Dream Matrix Telemetry” (excerpt)
Takashi Kokubo “海底の中の夢”
Yoshiaki Ochi “Madal Sonic”
Black Dice “Endless Happiness” (excerpt)
Henry Wolff & Nancy Hennings “Skybells I”
Roberto Musci “Ghost Train”
Psychic TV “Eleusis”
Moondog “Fujiyama 2”
Blind Uncle Gaspard “Sur Le Bord De L’eau”
Mariah “視線”

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