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18/03 – Joshua Abrams + Man Forever live a Santeria Social Club /// VOLUM E fuori

Lunedì 18 Marzo
Ore 20.30

Santeria Social Club
Viale Toscana 31

Per la prima volta VOLUM E varca la soglia di Santeria Social Club, abbandonando per qualche ora l’avamposto di Via Paladini per un doppio concerto.

Joshua Abrams si è formato artisticamente nell’occhio del ciclone che era la Chicago degli anni ’90: dal jazz al rock, passando per coraggiosi movimenti sperimentali, ha lasciato il proprio segno in una costellazione di progetti. Ha diviso studio e palchi con Hamid Drake, Bonnie “Prince” Billy, Fred Anderso, The Roots, ha composto colonne sonore e dal 2010 ha cominciato a girare America ed Europa con formazioni in continua evoluzione e rivoluzione. I suoi set sono l’imprevedibile: strumenti tradizionali ed elettrici che costruiscono lunghe suite fra psichedelia, minimalismo e krautrock. Il suo ultimo disco pubblicato in Europa da Glitterbeat a nome Joshua Abrams and Natural Information Society si intitola Simultonality ed è stato inserito nella stragrande maggioranza delle classifiche di fine anno del 2017. Ascoltare per credere

Man Forever è John Colpitts, e John Colpitts è Kid Millions, batterista e fondatore degli Oneida. Con questo alias dà vita a performance al limite del credibile, usando la batteria come unico strumento. A metà fra compositore e leggenda del DIY, John ha pubblicato nel 2018 Play What They Want, che annovera fra gli ospiti Laurie Anderson e gli Yo La Tengo al completo.

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23/02 – Delete Recordings Showcase

Sabato 23 Febbraio ore 1630

– Luigi Pugliano feat. Marco Milanesio (Live)
– Fabrizio Modonese Palumbo (Live)

Delete Recordings è un’etichetta indipendente con sede a Torino nata con l’intento di diffondere e sostenere produzioni di musica elettronica, ambient e drone attraverso la pubblicazione di dischi in formato Cassetta + Digitale.
Quest’oggi presenta due artisti con due miniset rigorosamente dal vivo, tutte le cassette disponibili e qualche sorpresa.
L’ingresso è ovviamente gratuito, i concerti iniziamo alle 17.00 precise.

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SABASABA live 0305

Giovedì 3 Maggio ore 1930

live da VOLUM E

I SabaSaba sono un trio composto da Tommaso Bonfilio (nastri, drum machine, organo), Andrea Marini (elettronica, flauto, chitarra, campane) e Gabriele Maggiorotto (batteria, percussioni, effetti), vengono da Torino e hanno un disco in uscita su Maple Death Records.


Creeping out of Torino’s longest dark winter nights, isolated and shrouded in mystery just like the cities’ deep connection to black magic, here comes SabaSaba, the newest addition to the Maple Death family. Western esotericism converting pagan mystic’s one by one!

The trio of Tommaso Bonfilio (tape loops, drum machine, organ), Andrea Marini (electronics, flute, guitar, bells) and Gabriele Maggiorotto (drums, percussion, effects) is a rare beast, night phantoms embarking on a digital dust adventure set in a world punctuated by Ballard’s dreams and William Gibson’s visions. SabaSaba’s self-titled debut is an industrial cinematic dub scorcher that is not afraid to mix dark isolationist off-kilter machines, tape recorders and the earthy beat of primordial dancehall dub productions (King Tubby, Horace Andy). Album opener Bells sets the tone right away, a pulsating horror tempo and Crowley cadence symbolically uniting the Disques OCORA catalogue and the ambient droning of Nurse With Wound. Magma is a witch march advancing slowly into Kosmische lands, Drops is an opium induced hyper dub ballad where African Head Charge’s sun is eclipsed by Coil’s black moon. Peradam inspired by René Daumal’s ‘Mount Analogue’ ascends and weaves ideally upstream across the Po river while Red Nights sees Italian Occult legends and co-conspirators Father Murphy spreading their cathartic chanting. Eden – Olympia is the perfect closer, a calming distant tribe of percolating bells awakening the spirit.

This is not wishy-washy psychedelic music, this is the real deal, a voyage into mind alteration through sound, a chariot proceeding East, West and everywhere in between, hands turning digital knobs, feet raising dust and grain while the heart beats analog to the pulse of Mother Earth.

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THE VERGE OF RUIN /// live 3.3.18

Presentazione del disco “Learn to Love Solitude” del duo The Verge of Ruin (Stefano de Ponti e Shari Delorian), pubblicato dall’etichetta Setola di Maiale.


The Verge of Ruin is a research in sound and poetry that started in December 2015 by Stefano de Ponti and Shari DeLorian.
The image evoked by Moniker suggests a risky and stimulating position in which the duo from Milan is looking at and responding to the world.
A view that lives in the present and at the same time is strongly connected with several guides and experiences out of the past.
Constantly looking for new vanishing points and responding to creative oppressions which are caused by contemporary collapses of media.
The framework referred to is the one drawn by concrete music and acousmatic art of the XIX century, in particular with references to Cage, Nono, Schaeffer, Xenakis and Scelsi to reach electroacoustic and avant garde electronic-alike shores.
The approach in composition is highly free and deprived from dogmatisms: from radical experi- mentation to sound research and sound production, meant as rough matter to be modelled and equipped with a sense. A pre-de ned conceptual development through graphic scores and the writing and organization of materials coming from other artistic languages, like visual arts and literature.
The accumulation of practices and the registration of sounds, the meeting between studio and eld recordings, from cutting-up to sampling, the use of classic instruments (strings, horns, chords and drums), voices, additive electronic devices and granular and modal synthesis softwares: all these elements give birth to a style that dissociates itself from standard classi cations and labeling. The collaboration with other artists and musicians is crucial. The need for dialogue and exchange among different people and and therefore languages are vital.